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The best home wireless alarm

The Pyronix Enforcer is probably the best wireless security to have in your home. Ease of use, good looks and above all, reliability are amongst its best features.

Pyronix Enforcer Home Alarm

Control Panel

Small and discrete, it is without doubt, the easiest home alarm to use. Loved too by our elderly and disabled users . Furthermore, the Enforcer looks good in any home. There are a range of security sensors such as smoke detectors and keypads available to expand the system. A unique feature is the ability of the sensors to 'talk' back to the control panel sending information about the battery level etc

Pyronix Enforcer Home Alarm

Pyronix Cloud Subscription

The Pyronix Cloud is a universal method of securely connecting your alarm to your phone, anytime, anywhere. There is a small annual charge which helps to develop the app and provides and maintains the secure communications service.


Smartphone App

The Smartphone app is available for both Apple and Android phones. It enables complete control of your alarm system, anywhere, anytime. Notifications are sent securely via the data network.

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