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Our Most Common Inquiries

It’s important you understand what services and products we’re able to supply. That is why we’ve made sure to give you the answers you need so you’ll be positive you’ve made the right decision choosing to work with us. Below are answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions. Read our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your questions, and if not give us a call.

Can we control an alarm or CCTV supplied by you from a smartphone?

  • Yes

  • I supply the latest equipment that can be operated via a secure smartphone app

Do you supply professional DIY smart wireless alarms?

  • Yes

  • I can supply a pre-built, ready to go wireless system, tailored to your requirements

How long does an alarm usually take to install?

  • I pre-build and programme your alarm before I install

  • This ensures systems can be installed, tested and demonstrated within half a day on average

Can you demonstrate your products before I buy?

  • Yes

  • I have a dedicated demonstration area to showcase the products I supply.

  • I have a number of working systems we can demonstrate.

  • All you need to do is arrange a visit.

Do you do repairs to systems not installed by you?

  • Yes

  • my repair service is available to systems we have not installed.

Do you have an emergency repair service?

  • Yes 

  • 24/7

  • I deal with most repairs during normal working hours.

  • Emergencies are dealt with on a 24/7 basis

What height do I install a Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring stipulates a mounting height of 1.2m 120cm. It has a good reason for doing this for a number of reasons.

  • The AI or artificial intelligence the device uses to detect humans can be diminished and not work correctly.

  • This could result in missing a human target altogether.

  • It could allow too much skylight in and seriously affect the quality of image

  • It is also required to be operated by people with disabilities and therefore needs to at an appropriate height so as not to discriminate

  • You might not see an object placed outside the door such as a parcel

  • Remember- the Ring Video Doorbell is NOT a retinal eye scanner and therefore does not require installing at head height.

  • If in doubt, I'm trained by Ring to undertake the correct fitting.

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